Be available for your customers

What is Chatbell
and who is it for?

What does it cost?

How do I get it?

Chatbell is an easy to use Live Chat with a twist for anyone who wants to provide live presence for the customers on their web site.

Its unique AFK (Away From Keyboard) feature gives you the possibility to be present for your customers regardless of your physical location.

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There are three versions available:

- Chatbell Lite 9EUR/month
- Chatbell Medium 39EUR/month
- Chatbell Pro 79EUR/month

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After the purchase we will send you the necessary links to start using Chatbell.

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What does Chatbell offer for you?

An easy way to increase customer satisfaction
An easy way to increase your sales
An easy way to be present for your customers even when you are away from the computer
An easy way to lower your customer service costs

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