Chatbell live-chat tool is developed together with our customers. The basic version can easily be tailored to work in an e-commerce environments and web sites. If necessary, it can also be integrated as a part of your company's data systems and tailored to serve your specific requirements.

CASE Huoneistokeskus

Huoneistokeskus is one of the largest real-estate businesses in Finland. They chose Chatbell as part of their service portfolio because they wanted to enhance their presence on the web.

With the help of the Chatbell live-chat tool, customers visiting Huoneistokeskus's web site can get personal service in real time without the need to leave the web site. Chatbell offers them an easy way to contact a real-estate agent and directly ask for further information on a house or apartment that interests them.

Chatbell enables real-estate agents to deliver detailed information quickly for the interested customers. Various documents, additional photos or showcase videos can easily be delivered for the customer through Chatbell.

CASE The Service Foundation for the Deaf

Codespace has been collaborating with the Finnish Service Foundation of the Deaf since 2009 with the purpose of enhancing the counseling services of the foundation. As a result of the collaboration, the Help Line for the Deaf was renewed. Help Line for the Deaf helps those who are deaf, deaf and blind, hard of hearing, those with speech disabilities, and their families. Through the chat on the web or via SMS, they can discuss personal crises and difficulties in private and confidentially.

Applications developed in collaboration help the Help Line personnel significantly. For example, they can now receive text messages from their customers but answer them quickly by using the computer keyboard.

"We have worked closely with Codespace for more than 8 years. We are very pleased with our cooperation as well as the outcome. Chatbell has enhanced and improved our work significantly. I recommend cooperation with Codespace to all who wish to have a reliable and professional partner for their IT projects."

- Jouni Riihimäki Director of The Finnish Service Foundation for the Deaf